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Published 31 Jan, 2017

Gdynia - a strong link on the Baltic-Adriatic Core Network Corridor

Taking up the quote of Baltic-Adriatic Corridor Coordinator Kurt Bodewig “the corridor is as strong as its weakest link”, stakeholders in Gdynia gathered together under the lead of TENTacle partner Gdynia City Hall. They discussed latest (Second) Work Plan of the EU Coordinator and the question how this fits to the TENTacle Strategy.

The meeting  of  40 participants was used for the common consideration over:

▪ Up to date version of Second Work Plan (SWP) of the EU Baltic-Adriatic Corridor Coordinator – how it would fit to TENTacle Strategy

▪ Perspectives of Third Work Plan (TWP) in 2018. Verification of the list of projects submitted by TPlan as well as the status of “flagship projects” and “last mile projects” (“EU Regulations provide for flexibility in defining the last mile within urban nodes”- SWP). An open question of designing the Baltic Adriatic Ccorridor (BAC) “flagship project” within MEGA Gdańsk was voiced.

▪ “Green Book” urban/ transport node in Gdynia (as a milestone towards the study (“White Book”) of Gdynia urban/transport node) was demonstrated. Assessment of the metropolitan framework: key components of BAC in Gdańsk and Sopot.

▪ New challenges ahead: upgrading Gdańsk-Nynäshamn and Hanko-Gdynia. sea links into MoS. Both connections were promoted within BGLC project as sea junctions of the vision of transeuropean railways links: A2A (Atlantic2Adriatic) and B2B (Barents2Balcan).

▪ Political impulses and frameworks: new national Strategy for Responsible Development until 2020/2030, perspectives of Vistula river waterway, clustering of Polish seaports of Gdańsk Bay.

A lot is going on in the region. Political and stakeholder impulses and frameworks will define a new national Strategy for Responsible Development until 2020/2030, connecting the urban node and its ports to the hinterland and Scandinavia via road, rail, inland waterway and sea connections.

More information:

Marta Myszor
Gdynia City Hall
Phone: +48 58 66821 10