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Railway yard.

Corridor node & transit areas

TENTacle has three pilot showcases launched in corridor node and transit areas, that means areas located along a Core Network Corridor.

Fehmarnbelt fixed link (DE/DK)

Showcase leader: Port of Hamburg Marketing

Project partners involved: Rostock Sea Port, Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics, Guldborgsund Municipality

How to prepare the market and public authorities for the impacts of the Fehmarnbelt fixed link on the Scan-Med Corridor? How to adjust business models and policy response to fully utilize new transport and logistics?

Westpomerania-Skane (PL/SE)

Showcase leader: Westpomeranian Region

How to meet the growing cargo volumes in the N-S direction through the networking of logistic centres on the last stretch of the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor?
How to use the EGTC (European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation) to coordinate the greening of transport and to ensure the corridor connectivity across the sea (MoS links)?

Gdynia transport node (PL)

Showcase leader: City of Gdynia

Project partners involved: Port of Gdynia Authority

How to stimulate the growth potential of the corridor entry/exit node which has, at the same time, a key transport gateway function? 
How to develop a last mile infrastructure in and around an urban node on the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor to both serve the metropolitan growth and the seaborne transit (via MoS links)?