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Publicerad 27 Mar, 2017

A cross-border regional development strategy for the Central Scandinavian Borderland

On 13 March 2017 about 30 experts and officials from diverse backgrounds gathered in Oslo. The aim was to share ideas and think creatively about innovative pathways to sustainable regional development in a mainly rural border land area, located at the border zone of the Oslo labor market. › Read more

Publicerad 16 Mar, 2017

Gdynia surrounded by core network transport corridors – the stakeholder dialogue goes on

The City of Gdynia is a gateway to European transport corridors; to the Baltic-Adriatic corridor as well as to the Bothnian Green Logistic corridor. The later one runs also via the Swedish region of Blekinge. Thus, in the TENTacle project, the City of Gdynia and Region Blekinge join forces and carry out a wide range of common activities. › Read more

Publicerad 31 Jan, 2017

Gdynia - a strong link on the Baltic-Adriatic Core Network Corridor

Taking up the quote of Baltic-Adriatic Corridor Coordinator Kurt Bodewig “the corridor is as strong as its weakest link”, stakeholders in Gdynia gathered together under the lead of TENTacle partner Gdynia City Hall. › Read more

Publicerad 2 Jan, 2017

2nd Gdynia Forum discussed TENTacle results for an innovative, environmentally friendly urban node

On 15 December 2016, the second Gdynia Forum of the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor took place, organized by TENTacle partner City Hall of Gdynia. About 50 participants representing Gdynia urban node stakeholders and TENTacle associated organizations discussed the results of the enquiry performed in the last months. Also, the results of the survey “Gdynia - My City 2030” which included opinions of the City residents, were presented. › Read more

Publicerad 6 Dec, 2016

Europeans on the move - Between urban hubs and rural towns

About 60 transport experts, spatial planners, decision makers from ten BSR countries gathered from 1st to 2nd December in the capital city of Latvia Riga for the conference ,,Europeans on the move”. The conference was organized in cooperation of two TENTacle project partners - Vidzeme Planning Region from Latvia and Innovation Circle Network from Norway. › Read more