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Corridor void areas

TENTacle has two pilot showcases launched in corridor void areas, that means areas located in farther away from the Corridors.

Central Scandinavia borderland (SE/NO)

Showcase leader: VärmlandØstfold Border Council

Project partners involved: Transnorden Sweden

How to reverse depopulation and economic stagnation trends in the borderland area of Värmland and Østfold?

How to mobilise public and market stakeholders for coordinated action to improve the access to the two national capitals, integrate public transport services and connect the local industries to international networks?

Lahti-North Karelia (FI)

Showcase leader: Lahti Region Development LADEC

Project partners involved: Regional Council of North Karelia

How to improve business confidence and  stimulate private investments in the local/regional manufacturing and service industry which are on the falling curve after losing export volumes to Russia?

What kind of interoperability solutions connecting these areas to the hubs on the Scan-Med Corridor would increase international market opportunities?